Resident: Zoe Baker
House: BPW

Hello everyone!
I am Zoe Baker, a third year political science scholar with a minor in pre-law attending the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Though I graduated high school in Kissimmee, Florida, I am originally from Hartford, Connecticut. I relocated as a high school junior because my mom had a job opportunity here in Florida where there is a lower cost of living. I found out about SSF through my high school. In Osceola County, most of the high schools have a college and career counselor. My college and career counselor, Anthony Cook, sent me most of the scholarships that I have today. Looking back I am so grateful that SSF was one of those scholarships.

In my free time, I am usually learning something new on YouTube, or crafting/designing a variety of things such as wall decor or painting sneakers. Post graduation, I would like to attend grad school and get a master’s in either global security and international affairs or criminal justice. Upon completion of my masters, I would like to get a joint degree with my JD and PhD at a prestigious law school. Thanks to the financial relief SSF offers, I can actually execute these dreams!