Name: Reginald Dotson
House: Knight

Hey guys, my name is Reginald Dotson Jr., but everyone calls me Reggie. I am a second year criminal justice student attending FAMU (Florida Agricultural Mechanical University). I was born in Stuart Florida, but I grew up in Port St. Lucie Florida. Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I grew up playing sports. Basketball was my favorite I even got offered to go play basketball out of state. Some of my hobbies consist of cooking, painting, and fitness. 

My mom was the person who found about SSF through someone she mentored. I checked out the SSF website and instantly saw how this could not only could this opportunity help me become a better student but also a better person. When I was accepted into SSF I was just so happy and grateful to be in this situation that would help me achieve my dream of becoming an FBI agent. I kid you not, I watched the house tour video on the SSF website about twenty times a day because I was so excited. I could not wait to move in and meet my new housemates. I come from a big family and family means everything to me. After living at Knight House for over a year now, I have created many bonds within the house. I look at the guys in my house as being part of my extended family. We all come from different backgrounds, but that does not mean we cannot come together as one. I can rely on any of the guys in the house if I need a favor and that truly means a lot to me.

My plan is to apply to work for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and become a Field Agent. I plan on moving to Dallas, Texas and working out of the FBI’s Dallas office. I am glad I applied and was accepted into SSF it has been a major blessing and I’ve grown as a person by being in Knight House and I can all the guys in the house my brothers. That also goes for SSF I see all the residents from all the houses as family.