Resident: Valentina Eslava
House: Mack Tyner

Hey there! My name is Valentina Eslava from Orlando, FL and I am currently a third year Health Science student with a minor in “Disabilities in the Society” at the University of Florida. A fun fact about me is that I have an identical twin sister that also goes to UF!  I desire to follow a future career in the field of health administration. I originally started off on the Occupational Therapy track and later found out that my drive is to work more behind the scenes to help in any way to make in impact in my community.

I currently work for UF’s Recreational Sports program as a student leader representative, and can be found scorekeeping intramural games during the week. I also work for UF’s Women’s Softball team as a Program Coordinator assistant and have enjoyed getting to help the team. My favorite memory working with them is when they became the 2019 SEC Softball tournament champions because I got to see firsthand the hard work that they put into the team!

In my free time, I stay active by participating in an intramural volleyball team and cheering on the Gators at sporting events. I also love to hang out with my housemates around the bonfire during the chilly weather season!

I have nothing, but words of gratitude towards the Southern Scholarship Foundation. I found out about SSF through my college career specialist in high school and applying has been one of the best decisions! I can clearly say that I wouldn’t be at UF if it weren’t for this scholarship. Both my twin sister and I can continue pursuing our education without having to stress over financial burdens. This scholarship has introduced me to my family away from home. I am grateful to have a support system that motivates me to graduate from a top university, Go Gators!