Name: Nairi Smith
House: McKaig-Malthouse

Hello my name is Nairi Smith, a first year student at Florida State University majoring in political science with hopes of becoming a lawyer in the future. I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL and have lived there my entire life before moving to Tallahassee for school.

I heard of SSF through a scholarship program called The Will Make It Enrichment Program, which is a program centered around getting students into college with little to no money needed to continue their post high school career. Throughout high school I was involved in multiple clubs and even started one with my friends which was about normalizing the conversation of the female body. Me and my friends want to take what we did in high school and transfer it to Florida State once COVID-19 is over with. However, I did not want COVID-19 to stop my freshman year in a new town. So I tried out for the Florida State University mock trial team and made it! I feel this new endeavor is going to take up so much of my time but it will be all worth it in the end.

Other than mock trials, other hobbies that I have are just hanging out with friends, watching either Hulu or Netflix, and reading a great new book that has captivated my attention. Due to COVID-19 and just being new to town, I have not gotten the chance to explore and gain new hobbies, and I cannot wait to do that hopefully next semester once all of this is over. After graduating from college in 2024, my plans are to either go straight to law school or to continue my education and get a master’s degree then eventually go to law school. Either way, I really want to go to law school and become a lawyer in the future. All in all I am so grateful to be accepted into SSF. This is such a great opportunity and I have made friends with people that I never thought I would make friends with. This is all thanks to the wonderful SSF program.