Name: Libby Mullen
House: Lastinger

Hi, I’m Libby Mullen! I’m a senior at Florida State University studying English and Communications from Martin County. I’m currently in my 4th year (how is it already four!) of living at SSF.

I found out about the Southern Scholarship Foundation in my junior year of high school from my older sister whose intern was a house manager (who ended up becoming my HM when I started my freshman year)! I had never heard of anything like SSF before, and I knew that when it came time to go to university I’d have to apply! Fast forward four years, I have spent eight semesters at SSF and have met some of the most amazing people.

Becoming a resident at SSF came at the perfect time. A week before I moved up to school, my dad had a major stroke. Thankfully he is healthy and doing well, but it changed so much in my life. The Southern Scholarship Foundation has put me at ease these past four years so I don’t have to worry about family and financial hardships.

During my time at SSF, I have had the pleasure of serving as a House Manager, Business Manager, and now a Social Chair! Being able to serve in these positions for almost every semester has been a fantastic way to be able to give back to this foundation that has given me so many opportunities.

Apart from being a full-time student, I am involved in many organizations and jobs! I have been a member of Marching Chiefs and Seminole Sound and am currently working for FSU Athletics as a videographer. After I graduate in May I plan on attending grad school or entering the entertainment/broadcast industry!