Resident: Tamia Streeter
House: ADK

I was born in Miami, Florida. I graduated from Michael M. Krop Senior High in North Miami Beach where I was part of the National Honor Society, the Journalism Honor Society, the Health information project (HIP), and the school newspaper. The paper allowed me to discover my passion for writing and journalism. In turn, I now write for the FSView and Florida Flambeau at Florida State University and look forward to writing for other publications this year as well. Also, being part of HIP made me realize my passion for both mental and physical health. Now I’m double majoring in Psychology and Criminology.

After undergraduate, I plan on starting a forensic psychology Masters program and eventually going back to school for my doctorates. After my first year at FSU, I chose to move from a dorm hall to community living because I wanted to lift the financial burden that hindered me from taking advantage of certain opportunities. Now that I’m in SSF I can study abroad, take unpaid internship opportunities, and not have to work a part-time job while in school. But after joining SSF I realized it meant more than that. It gave me a family at FSU and a sense of direction.