SSF founding father, Dr. Mode L. Stone, realized years ago that many bright and accomplished high school graduates did not dream of a higher education simply because they did not have the money. Even if they received tuition scholarships, they could not afford room and board. Dr. Stone began to think that by providing housing at no cost and by allowing the students to pool their money and work together, enough savings could be realized to make a college education possible. The rest is history! Today, the Foundation owns and operates twenty-seven scholarship houses on seven college/university campuses!

The average cost for room and board on a Florida college campus is approximately $14,000 per year. The cost to a student in SSF's program averages $950 per semester - which is pooled to cover food and utilities for everyone in the house. This annual savings of $12,100 a year for each student makes a huge difference to them and their families. Southern Scholarship Foundation is able to provide this significant financial benefit to its students for $3,000 per year, per student - thanks to continued investments from alumni and friends of SSF!

Involvement in the Dr. Mode L. Stone Pledge Society gives you the opportunity to enjoy the company of others who, like yourself, care about protecting and strengthening Southern Scholarship Foundation for future generations of deserving young students. By joining the pledge society today, you will enhance our abilities to continue providing this Education for Life experience for so many.

Membership in the Dr. Mode L. Stone Pledge Society requires an annual commitment at one of the following levels for a minimum period of 3 years:

Founder's Circle
$5,000+ annually

Chairman's Circle
$2,500-$4,999 annually

President's Club
$1,500-$2,499 annually

Friends of the Foundation
$500-$1,499 annually


You can choose to direct your contribution toward a specific campus, program, scholarship house, repairs & maintenance, endowment, or any other demographic. Designating your contribution as unrestricted will allow SSF to utilize your support where it is most needed. For more information about the Dr. Mode L. Stone Pledge Society, click here.


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