"I feel like my academics have improved greatly as a result of living in the house. I now have access to home-cooked meals whenever I’m hungry, I have a study room in the house to make use of, and have a great support system from my housemates that are always there for me."

     - Tatiana C., Spring '16-Present, Gresham-Kite Pilot House

  “Education for life literally means how to live in the ‘real world’.”

Mathieu F., Fall '14-Present, Frueauff House -


 “SSF was the helping hand I had been looking for to pull me over this hump”

     - Sergio G., Spring '16-Present, Rotary House


  "Growing up the life I had we never had a home, but I'm so thankful to say I have a home, and that my home is Tyner"

     Tiffany W., Fall '14-Spring '16., Smith Tyner House -



   “You are never alone once you are accepted into SSF”

     - Isrrael P., Fall '11-Spring '16, Williams-Pilot House



  “I will never live in another house with seventeen women who inspire onw another to be greater and reach higher”

     Geranise D., Spring ’16-Present, Sam & Eula Lastinger House -


  "My dream wasn’t a "dream school" at all...My dream was to simply attend college without accumulating a large amount of debt and because of SSF I was able to do so.”

   - Shayanti S., Fall '14-Present, Florida Retail Federation House



  "I can now focus on my accedemics and be the first in my family to graduate college"

     Jose A., Fall '13-Present, Williams-Pilot House -


"Education for Life is a chance for students like myself to go to college while living in an environment that encourages the development of valuable life skills that will be essential to their future success in the workplace and their daily lives." 

     - Erika W., Fall '15-Present, Zenon & Marilyn Hansen House



   My 16 or so brothers at the Knight house have been there every step of the way. They remind me every day how it feels to have a family.” 

 Olivier B., Spring '13-Fall '16, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation House - 



    "I have never been happier with my decision to be a part of SSF. It has brought me opportunities and blessings. It has given me so much, and I am eternally grateful for it."

     - Shaina M., Fall '14-Present, Dr. Grace I. Fox House


  "I remember reading thesubject line, “Southern Scholarship Foundation – CONGRATULATIONS” and I thought to myself, “I’ve already declined the offer from FSU and completed everything for USF. But I can’t pass up an opportunity like SSF"

     Charles R. F. III., Fall '14-Present, Cyril and Edna Smith & Pearl Tyner House -


   "Living at the house comes with responsibilities such as work jobs and holding a position in the house. Through SSF I have learned how to be a better cook from my weekly cook crew assignments. Through my experience as a Business Manager, I have learned how to stay within a budget while grocery shopping and making sure I got everything for the meals."

    - Natalie A., Spring '15-Present, Gresham-kite Pilot House
     "I have had the opportunity to meet people from Colombia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, and many other places, and that is something that I have really enjoyed because it has introduced me to so many other cultures."
    Tiffany W., Fall '14-Present, Mack Tyner Jr. House -
   "It is filled with so much love and support. If you ever needed anything, there were 16 girls ready to fight for you, help you, wipe your tears, and to embrace you. #SSFLOVE is a real thing and was expressed every single day at my scholarship house."
   - Nancy R., Spring '16-Present, Lundquist-Hovda House


  "I decided to take an officer position as business manager and it was a likeable learning experience and I enjoyed it very much. Not only did I have to buy food, but I also had to make sure the rules were being enforced and at times. There were very hard decisions to make, but it taught me how to separate business from pleasure."

     Keiera B., Fall '15-Present, Gresham-Kite Pilot House -
"...this program help me in my college career and build lifetime skills like cooking and cleaning. I get to learn about different cultures and learn to socialize with all types of people."
     - Cindaleigh S., Fall '15-Present, Badcock House

 "...It felt like all the answers to my problems had been solved"

     Carla M., Spring '13-Present, Florida Retail Federation House -



"I have loved building genuine friendships and being surrounded by encouraging and empowered women. They have made me feel at home, and that is the experience that I had wanted for a long time."
     - Daniela M., Spring '16-Present, Gresham-Kite Pilot House
"I have learned how to take care of a home, but more importantly how to work well with and cooperate with people from a variety of walks of life. The Southern Scholarship Foundation has also played a major role in my college experience as a whole. If it were not for this organization, I would not be able to attend the University of Florida and pursue my goals and career."
Nicholas F., Fall '13-Present, Hartman-Kiwanis House -
"In life, everyone is faced with circumstances that are unexpected. By living in the scholarship house, one will learn coping skills that they can apply to future situations he or she might encounter."
     - Angelina M. S., Fall '14-Present, Gesham-Kite Pilot House
"My time at SSF has been positive beyond measure because of the dedicated staff, their selection process, and their commitment to seeing the long-term success of students and the organization."
     Phil M., Fall '14-Present, Mode L. & Jeanne C. Stone House -
"As a resident of the Southern Scholarship Foundation's Hawksley I House, I learned to keep my hands and arms open to change and obstacles and be thankful for the people I have around me."
     -Emily H., Fall '13-Present, George W. Hawksley 1 House
"The Foundation, at the very least, has given me invaluable mentorship and leadership experiences, it has furthered my development in skills related to cooking, cleaning, public speaking, marketing, event planning, and time management to name a few, and has provided me with a community to draw from in order to learn more about myself."
      Scott W., Fall '12-Present, E.C. Allen House -
"...outside of my house, some of the best friends that I now have are from SSF and have helped me in so many ways ranging from helping me get a job, giving me a ride to campus on their scooter and giving me a ride to catch the bus to go home."
     -Christopher K., Fall '14-Spring '16, Williams-Pilot House
"SSF is the reason why I am able to succeed in school and outside of school as well by making sure I never leave the path that I have started. The people around me push me and make me better because without everyone involved I might not have come as far or had as much positive outcomes..."
Bobby W., Fall '14-Present, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation House -


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