Name: Sadaura Jeudy
House: BPW

Hello! My name is Sadaura Jeudy. I have been a resident at the BPW Scholarship House for about three years now and I am a senior at Florida State University. I was born in Haiti, then when I was about 6-months-old, my parents moved me to North Miami and that’s where I was raised. Growing up I was always a member of my church’s choir and that is how I developed a passion for singing. Some of my favorite genres are gospel, R&B, and soul. Along with singing, I am very passionate about school. I am a first-generation student who is majoring in French and Spanish and who is also on a pre-med track. I am interested in medicine because my aspiration is to practice medicine in Hispanic and francophone nonprofits around the world. Having nurses as parents and reading about Doctors Without Borders in high school is what led me to my career choice. I hope to be a part of the initiative to ensure that people are getting adequate health care around the world.

One of the first programs that I got into at FSU was Global Scholars. Between my freshman and sophomore year, Global Scholars sent me to Peru where I taught children ages eight to 12, did capstone research, brushed up on my Spanish, and was able to explore the beautiful country. Traveling to Peru taught me how to live on my own. Having to create lesson plans, and balance my finances helped me to build skills to be a more self-sufficient adult. I was accepted into SSF while I was in Peru and was placed in the BPW house. Once I stepped foot into BPW I felt at home. I was greeted with a gift bag and great conversations with my House Manager at the time about Global Scholars and my anxiety about moving in was at ease. SSF has surrounded me with a group of passionate individuals who inspire me to be the best person I can be. My housemates and I have shared numerous heartfelt moments with each other that I wouldn’t trade for the world. While I am sad to say goodbye this semester, I will take the wonderful memories that I made with my housemates while I embark on this new chapter of my life.