Name: Aimee Matos
House: Tyner

Hi! I’m Aimee Matos, a student at the University of Florida majoring in psychology with an emphasis on behavioral and cognitive neuroscience (the biological and mental processes behind why we do what we do!). I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and moved over to the U.S. when I was about to turn 11. It was funny, adapting to this place, but I can definitely say that my background has given me a unique perspective of the needs of my community. I’m bilingual, so by default I get to be everyone’s translator, and in doing so it became clear that there is a need for diversity in public services, especially in the health industry. This is part of the reason why I decided to get into the health field as an optometrist, otherwise known as the eye doctor. Turns out they do a lot more than just prescribing lenses since they are responsible for giving people sight, which involves a whole variety of procedures and exams beyond the basic “1 or 2”. Even then, it’s impressive that a pair of glasses is the difference between passing or failing classes, and driving with or without being a public menace. Optometry is directly connected to my major because the eyes are the only organs with a straight connection to the brain, meaning that if something happens in there, it can be through the eyes. In a sense, the eyes are the window to the body, because other diseases can be seen through them. Therefore, I plan to go to optometry school after I finish my bachelor’s, which honestly was made possible through SSF.

I would not have gone to UF without this scholarship, nor would I have made such amazing friends. It has made my college experience to some extent, considering how I graduated high school right in the middle of COVID, meaning that everything was virtual. Shout out to the COVID Class of 2020! SSF enabled me to make connections outside of Zoom, which I’m eternally grateful for. I heard about it through my counselor back in high school, yet I did not apply until an old friend of mine recommended it and the rest is history. I can arguably say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, definitely a God-sent.

Anyway, my hobbies are biking, volleyball, decorating and if watching anime can be considered one, that too. Biking is a bit of a recent one, and I absolutely love it! Nothing like a bike ride to destress, I totally recommend it. I’m Christian as well, and relatively involved in my local church. A good chunk of my time is spent at our international ministry, where we get to discuss the Bible with our international friends. Truly fulfilling, so much so that I’m considering going overseas, who knows? Let’s see where God takes me!