Name: Juan Ascanio
House: Smith-Tyner

Hello! My name is Juan Ascanio and I am currently the Media Coordinator for the Smith-Tyner Scholarship House. I am a sophomore information technology student at Florida State University. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela to two Cuban parents but moved to the U.S. very young. I lived in Miami for several years until my family moved up to Cape Coral, Florida in 2007. I have two sisters and a brother but all of them are half-siblings so I’m technically an only child. I also have a German Shepard named Tina but she lives back home with my parents. I love watching movies with friends, playing video games, and 3D modeling when I’m not doing schoolwork. I found out about SSF through a close friend I met in CARE and SSF has been a big help while being at FSU. I have met countless new friends and have enjoyed every semester I’ve been at SSF. Smith-Tyner is a very close-knit house so we spend lots of time together, which makes everyday a fun new adventure. I currently work at the College of Education in the Office of Information and Instructional Technologies as an IT assistant for the building. I fix any problems that arise regarding technology in the College of Education. I’m not sure what I want to do after graduation, but I do want to get a master’s in IT at some point in my life since I really enjoy working in the field and would like to become an expert.