Name: Amaya Marshall
House: Mack Tyner

Hi everyone my name is Amaya Marshall. I am originally from Jacksonville, FL but live in Charlotte, NC. I attend the University of Florida and am a third year student. My major is in dietetics. I found out about SSF through my mom. She told me that she had heard great things about SSF from Facebook and encouraged me to apply, and I’m glad I did!

In my free time I love to workout, read, sew, volunteer and watch movies. With that being said, I am a site leader for Florida alternative breaks so I am always down to learning more about social issues and trying to make our community here in Florida better. I also really enjoy cooking new things and am part of the Culinary Arts Student Union. I really appreciate food and learning about food from different cultures and that really influenced me to change my major to dietetics. In the future I hope to one day be a Registered Dietitian and one day help others who are either struggling with eating habits or just looking for dietary advice. I also strive to help out in my community when it comes to food scarcity. Because food is so important, I believe everyone should have access to nutritious food. Hopefully, when we do not have to worry so much about the coronavirus I will be able to volunteer more.

With that being said, I also hope to one day open up my own boutique because I love sewing so much. I am definitely very into fashion and love to learn about new sewing techniques and fabrics too. I feel like sewing is also a stress reliever too as I am able to open the creative part of my mind and divert my attention from school sometimes. Some of my favorite things to sew are t-shirt blankets, skirts, and quilts. I am also learning how to crochet as well so hopefully I can finish my next blanket soon. Conclusively, I cannot wait to be Tyner’s Media coordinator and cannot wait for what is in store this semester.