Name: Sheryl Gontran
House: Hansen-FAMU

Greetings and humble salutations! I am Sheryl Massialah Gontran, a second-year student here at the illustrious Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, majoring in pre-nursing. I am from the beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. The reason I chose to attend a historically black university over any other university was to experience the abundant amount of black excellence and to learn in an environment with peers I can identify with and succeed with. Here, at FAMU, you can never go a day without witnessing young African American scholars exceeding their expectations to become the change they want for themselves and their community.

I am currently in the College of Nursing program which will lead me to my goal of receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). I selected this major because I have a desire to help those in need. In the nursing profession, you are around your patients during the most vulnerable time in their lives. I want to take care of them, as well as their families during this time. I would also like to meet the physical and emotional needs of all my patients. As a whole, I simply wish to make a difference in other’s lives. The nursing career is for me because it is a very rewarding field.

My older sister, who graduated from FAMU in the spring of 2020, told me about the Southern Scholarship Foundation. She was also a Hansen resident. When I went to see her, I could see the great friendships she had formed. I enjoyed the family-like atmosphere in the house. Moving into SSF, I’ve connected with a large group of people that share common interests and values. I’ve met diverse people from all different backgrounds. People from different states and even different countries just through joining the house. Joining Southern Scholarship Foundation is like joining a big family!

I am very interested in beauty and lifestyle videos, but I’ve never had a passion for a physical hobby. In high school, I was on the cheer team which was a short-lived experience. I hope I find a hobby that embodies my true interests and values during my journey in college.