Resident: Michelle Le
House: Lastinger

I am a fourth-year pre-health student majoring in Family and Child Sciences with plans of attending Physician Assistant School in the near future. With my parents immigrating to the U.S. from Vietnam before I was born, I am a first generation American and student. I am a part of 4 siblings and we all strive to work hard and carry out not only ours, but also our parents’ American Dream.

I have a deep passion for people and a strong interest in the medical field. I am committed to becoming the knowledgeable, efficient and compassionate health care worker patients and doctors can depend on. Ever-evolving medicine and technological advances have the power to change and better the lives of so many, and I am working to be a part of that movement. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with others, expanding my knowledge, learning from new experiences, and serving the underserved.

I am dedicated to succeeding academically and professionally to ensure my growth in knowledge, diverse perspectives and invaluable networks. I work hard not only to fulfill my life goals and passions, but also to motivate and inspire my peers to become active citizens in a world that needs more compassion and humility. My life dedications involve the improvement in others’ lives. I will pursue several roles throughout my lifetime to carry out that goal. These roles include: mentor, sister, friend, daughter, community member, colleague, Physician Assistant, ambassador for outreach programs, nonprofit founder, etc. I really believe that through all my roles in life, I can positively influence someone else’s life–and that’s all that I strive for!

As a result of my invaluable life experiences and lessons from higher education, I have been molded into a better version of myself. As I continue to learn and grow on my journey, I have humbly recognized that I am a person who is strong, passionate, persistent, hard working, caring, and intellectual. I only hope that my drive and work ethic will lead me to a life of continued learning, service, and leadership.