Resident: Michael Baker
House: Stone

To begin with, my name is Michael Baker and I am a SSF freshman, and so that means that I am a newbie here at SSF, and as a new student I will have new experiences with both SSF life and College life. SSF has greatly helped me with my transition from being with my family back home in Miami, to living in Tallahassee with the great privilege of attending the Florida State University. SSF has allowed me to surround myself with a group of guys that I can call my family as they’ve already begun to help me in situations that I’d find myself getting into. Whether that be advice about what classes to take or help in a sticky situation where I’m of campus and I don’t have a ride, they’ve got my back.

You can never pay for a good friend and SSF has given me lots of friends, but not only friends that will have fun with me but friends that’ll help support me and make me thrive. If I were to have gone on campus then I would’ve never had the ability to meet the amazing people that have come into my life thus far. I have the ability to ask advice from upperclassmen that graduated from my major and have the same passions as I do. It’s amazing to have those kind of connections, these are not connections you can simply pay for but you gain by earning one’s friendship and creating a bond. The conversations I’ve had with my housemates have helped me not only gain a clearer understanding of my future but have taught me many lessons about college and how to approach it in order to be successful. I’ve learned how to cook new dishes I had never heard of and I’m trying new meals and I as a person love trying new things.

I feel that SSF is essential in helping you transition into becoming an independent person as there are many steps that are needed in order to live a healthy clean life, and SSF allows you to do that. I could not afford to live on campus, and that’s why SSF is a gift that I could never take for granted. The ability to only have to pay for food is a true gift, the cost of going to live on campus at FSU is something I wouldn’t have the ability to do. I wouldn’t be able to experience the beauty that is FSU, the resources like Ace learning center or the ability to go to the Student Life Center that plays movies every weekend. I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity SSF gave me, but most importantly I’m happy for the friends I’ve gained and the experience I have been able to obtain. Without SSF, none of what I’m currently living today would not be possible and that is why I must give my sincerest respects and thanks to SSF for giving me such an amazing opportunity.