Name: Madison McCoy
House: BPW

Hello! My name is Madison McCoy! I am a second year student at Florida State University studying urban planning and social entrepreneurship. This is also my second year living in the BPW Scholarship House and I continue to grow in love with my SSF sisters and this wonderful hill (that so many of my friends love to say looks like Camp Rock). I am from the great city of Orlando, born and raised on the outskirts of downtown, and went to school just close enough to see the giant lights of the buildings from my football stadium. In high school, I played soccer, flag football and unofficially a lot of ping pong. As well, I was involved in several clubs such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Bird club and Math club. I adore creativity and art, and want to get my hands in anything related to bringing color to our world and sharing others stories through new lenses.

I grew up with two big brothers, Scott and Brandon, whom I thought were rather annoying growing up, but now I know I am who I am today because of their kindness and intrigue with life. Both of my brothers introduced me to SSF because they also lived in the houses here in Tallahassee while I was still in high school. Shoutout to ECA and Smith-Tyner!! Here in Tally, I am involved in the Navigators, which is an on campus Christian group where we hang out, play games, and also challenge one another in our faith and passions! Other than this and cleaning my dishes at the SSF house, I fill my time with painting portraits of people, writing, and playing as much ultimate frisbee as I possibly can. If anyone ever wants to toss a frisbee or paint with me let me know! On another note, I have a huge passion for people in difficult situations, such as those experiencing homelessness or human trafficking victims, and want to use my major and this passion to join a non-profit that could help these people understand their place in the world again.

After graduation my hopes are to get plugged into an organization that cares for marginalized people groups such as these, and use the gifts God has given me to love those people well. I am beyond thankful for the people in SSF and the organization as a whole for challenging me and keeping me accountable as a person, in order to gain experiences that are not only useful now, but useful for the rest of my life.