Resident: Karalyn King
House: Hansen-FAMU

Greetings and humble salutations! I am Karalyn King, a first year biology pre-med scholar at the illustrious Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. I was born and raised in the city of Lake Alfred, Florida. I graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA and a 3.3 college GPA along with my associate degree. However, I still struggled with getting scholarships despite all my achievements. Finally, I found out about SSF through my aunt who was always guiding me to scholarship opportunities. Also, a friend of mine who resided in the scholarship houses really encouraged me to apply. After living in the house for a few months, I am so grateful that my aunt and friend pushed me to apply because SSF now holds a special place in my heart. Living in a scholarship house is like having a second family and I’d encourage anyone who has the opportunity to reside in one to do it.

When I’m not in school, my favorite thing to do is to just simply relax. As college students I think it’s important to set aside time to do things that you find enjoyable and take care of yourself. I like to shop, watch movies and hang out with my friends when I have free time. On campus I am an active member of Black Women in Medicine, so I really enjoy going to their events and participating in any way that I can be helpful. In the future, I hope to join more clubs and really leave my mark on my university.

When I graduate I want to get into dental/medical school. I always felt that I wanted to be an orthodontist until I started attending seminars with medical schools and now, I’m undecided. I will take whatever route that my heart leads me to. I just know that in the future I see myself in medicine breaking down barriers and showing other young black women that this is something that they can achieve as well. I know that I have a long journey ahead of me and this is only the beginning, but I believe in myself and I have faith that all of my dreams will be executed perfectly.