Resident: Lakayla Moody
House: ADK

My name is Lakayla Moody and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I’ve been through a lot of tough times back home that I’ll never forget. From family separations, deaths, depression, injuries, all the way to homelessness. You can say that I have had a lot of change and stressful moments in the past seven years of my life. When my family started to separate from one another, it put a hole in my heart. It was as if after my grandmothers’ death, there was nothing left to stick some of us together. I was not used to that at all. When I think back to all those years ago, I noticed that I always joined things that consisted of a family. In middle school, I joined the marching band. Yes, I was interested in my position but the thing that kept me going was how much of family we were. Leaving middle school was like breaking another family bond for me so I ended up joining a program called “Upward Bound Math and Science / Impact program”. In this program, we practically spent the whole four years together, including the summers. We bonded over everything and it made me a stronger and more confident person. In my junior / senior year, that family foundation within the program started to deteriorate. Nevertheless, we still supported each other through the end. Joining the Southern Scholarship Foundation is like joining another family in your college life in my eyes.

Recently becoming adults that can receive the support that they need to get on their feet and being able have a homey environment. They are a supportive branch for any situation that you may be going through in life. There is no judgement to where you came from, what you do or did, and they push you to the max, so you can achieve your dreams. What I have is not a dream because I will make it a reality. My mission is to get accepted into the College of Motion Picture Arts here at Florida State University. I want to major in film because I love the fact that you can put whatever you believe, feel, and desire to teach important topics and tell others around the world in your own creative way. Watching plain documentaries won’t necessarily appeal the interest of the majority. Attending college will not only get me a hands-on experience and allow me to get connected to people in my field, but it will also teach me how to do those things properly. Once I graduate from Florida State, if I’m not already working for a Film Company, I plan on applying to the number one film school in the United States, the University of Southern California. I will continue my path to learn more about film through the top film schools and doing internships in the meantime. I believe what we, the people, are missing is the lack of proper knowledge. Being able to put forth such a strong message using your creativity is something that I am very passionate about and I would like to apply these things in the real world.