Resident: Jose Petit-Frere
House: E.C. Allen

I am Jose Petit-Frere, a real-estate and marketing major at the prestigious Florida State University.
Growing up, my family has always been struggling financially, emotionally and physically. From early childhood, I learned the true value of every penny and hard labor. At a young age, my mom, my siblings and I all moved to the United States. After we migrated from Haiti, my mother took on the responsibility of being the sole provider. My family and I had to adapt to the new environment. We had to struggle on a day to day basis. My mother maintained three jobs independently to support me and my two other siblings. At the time my father was residing in another country, therefore we didn’t have that father figure or that strong support that was needed. So my mother was on her own with three children. This all became difficult because my family didn’t have a stable home. We were in and out of shelters, government homes and resided with family friends for periods of time. As the years progressed, my younger brother came along. However it was something special about him, he was born with chronic kidney disease. So he was constantly in and out of the hospital and was required to take a great amount of medication daily. While my mother was out trying to make a living I had to maintain school and watch my siblings on a daily basis, that’s why SSF was crucial to fortifying my college endeavors. Now, I am an ambitious student with a bubbly attitude taking on the world one day at a time.