Resident: Jayla Cash
House: Hansen-FAMU

I am currently a fourth year architecture major attending Florida A&M University. I have been with Southern Scholarship Foundation since I began my journey in college and I have been truly grateful for my experience here. When I first joined SSF I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never lived with more than five people in a household so dealing with different personalities and routines seemed like I wouldn’t like my time here. During my first semester, Hansen had seemed like just a small dorm complex with chores and access to a kitchen. However, after being at SSF my second year I realized that I can actually depend on the people I live with, I can create lasting relationships. My last year in Hansen was my favorite because it felt like my house was really a family at that point. I had got out of my shell and truly learned what it meant to be a “Hansen Hottie.” I loved hanging out with the girls in my house and sharing things between one another. My roommate in Hansen was my favorite part of it all, and at this point I consider her my little sister. I was a little sad that I left Hansen leaving the girls I grew so fond of, but I gained new friends in Grace Fox and getting to know new people that mean just as much to me as the girls in Hansen do. I know my college experience would have been different had I not been in SSF. I love that instead of living with strangers for four years I had a family behind me.