Resident: Megan Hatch
House: Grace Fox

When I came to SSF, it was Spring 2019, so I was transitioning from living on campus in a dorm to moving into an actual house in my first year of college. I’ll have to admit, it was very stressful for me at first! Freshman year is already doozy, and then having to move out of an entirely new place into another entirely new place was a big change, and I was nervous for myself because change is usually something I don’t handle well at all.

However, I somehow was able to deal with this very well. It also helped that my roommate and I got along extremely well and that I have a great House Manager. They, along with the rest of the house, were good with helping me out in learning how to be a part of SSF. I really enjoy this place, and this house. It’s quiet, has a beautiful property, and I love the people. When I go home for holiday breaks, I’ve actually been able to refer to this place as my “back at home!”