Resident: Ricardo Fryson
House: Stone

Hello, my name is Ricardo Fryson, and this is my first year at FSU and my first year as an SSF resident. I am from Tampa, Florida, graduating from the best high school in the nation, Howard W. Blake. I found out about SSF through an email that was sent to me as I was applying and I was moving forward to greater things. I was so excited to hear that I was chosen to be a part of SSF. My guidance counselor was telling me all of the great benefits of being here and how it would be great to be a part of a community that really looks out for its residents. Also, I found out how much cheaper it would be and that is where I was sold because I would be saving so much money that I could use for other things I would need.

At FSU, I am a jazz piano major and I love it. Being able to be around people who share the same interest as me and help build each other up is something I have always needed. Since I have been here, I have been able to grow as an individual and find out what I want to accomplish when I graduate. My hobbies other than schoolwork include piano, drumming, writing, drawing, sleeping, hanging out with friends, being on the phone with my friends, and listening to new music. With all of these hobbies, I can keep busy and keep a great schedule.

Once I graduate, I am not entirely sure of what I will be doing exactly, I just know that I want music to be the center of it. Since middle school I have always had my foot in different music acts, whether it was teaching a class, running a rehearsal, giving lessons, or just performing for friends… I just know that music has to be at the center of what I am doing. I am also thinking about going to Full Sail University to get my master’s in music production. If I do decide to take that route I would like to start a gospel choir at the school.