Name: Britney St. Vil
House: FL Retail

I am Britney N. St Vil. I am a second-year biology pre-medical student, hailing from Broward County, Florida. I was lucky enough to find out about the Southern Scholarship Foundation through my friends turned roommates. I was living on campus and hated the thought of shelling out thousands of dollars for a small room and food I didn’t really enjoy. After visiting the house and becoming friends with many of the residents, I knew this was the place for me. The chemistry between the houses truly made me feel right at home and I was excited to join the SSF family and take part in some of that #SSFLove. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading, and shopping. I also love working out and going on hikes and runs. Currently, I am involved in many organizations. I am a College of Science and Technology Peer Mentor, as well as SSF’s favorite Media Coordinator!! After graduation, I aspire to becomes an anesthesiologist. Moreover, I hope to be able to not only give back to the Southern Scholarship Foundation, but to give back to Florida A&M as well for the constant love and charity they have shown me.