Name: Nikita Khramov
House: Hawksley II

My name is Nikita Khramov, and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Florida studying finance. A bit about my background: I was born in New York, but lived in Ukraine until 7th grade. I then moved to Daytona Beach, FL, where I have been for the past six years. I started with living at the Hawksley II Scholarship House in Spring 2021, which has been an awesome adventure so far. This fall semester, I am the social chair for my house, an opportunity I am glad I took.

I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance and hoping to get a master’s degree within the business world. My dream job would be operating the finances and logistics of an airport. My passions mostly lay within cars and travel. I love exploring new places and seeing more of this world, which is why I am passionate about travel. I also have a passion for cars, as I think they are awesome ways to have fun and quite the engineering marvels.