School: Florida Gulf Coast University
Year: Senior
House: Gresham-Kite Pilot

My name is Brittany Thompson from Port Charlotte, Florida. I live in the Gresham-Kite Pilot House and I love it!

When I was a senior in high school I went through the college financial aid search and I applied to a myriad of scholarships. Anything I could find. When I spoke with my high school guidance counselor about other opportunities, she handed me an application for Southern Scholarship Foundation. There are moments were a seemingly random act changes the course of your life forever, this was one of those moments.

She shared more about SSF and their program and said it would be a great opportunity for me if I were accepted. I was really excited about it and applied, hoping things would work out. As the process for preparing for college continued I was faced with a difficult decision. I was accepted into three schools and I had to choose where I would pursue my degree.

I really wanted to go to FGCU, but money was tight and I needed to see which scholarships afforded me the best opportunities. When I received word that I was accepted to the scholarship house at FGCU, I was ecstatic! I immediately called my guidance counselor to share the great news. She was also excited and told me that I was one of only a few students who were accepted to the Gresham-Kite Pilot House.

The years I have lived in this house have not just been years, but part of my story, part of my life. I have made some very important decisions in this house. I have made some amazing friendships with the awesome girls in this house. I have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams in this house. I am very honored and privileged to live in Southern Scholarship Foundation’s Gresham-Kite Pilot House. #SSFLove

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Look for our next #SSFStories post on January 8th! Happy Holidays from SSF!

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