Resident: Mykalah Moore
House: Lastinger

Hello! My name is Mykalah Moore and I am a third year resident at the Lastinger Scholarship House, and will be graduating from Florida State University in fall 2020 as a biology major. I found out about SSF through my father, who was actually a resident of Lastinger House when he was a student at FSU. He always talked about the great friendships that he made while living here, so when I learned that not only was I accepted into SSF, but I also would be living in the same house I couldn’t believe it. For me, Lastinger has provided me with invaluable lessons and friendships, just like it did with my dad.

I come from Jupiter, Florida, where I spent most of my time growing up reading, going to the beach, and wandering around my local turtle rescue center and wildlife sanctuary. These things are what has shaped me into who I am today, my passions, my school, and my plans for the future. Upon graduation, I plan to work as an au pair, living abroad with a host family, experiencing a different culture, before focusing on a career in animal care. I have been passionate about it since I was little, but it has only grown as I’ve gotten older, especially since last year when I started working at the Wildlife Conservation Center in Lamont, Florida. The mission of the center is about conservation through education, and we have an amazing group of animals that I am proud to educate visitors on.

Between the Southern Scholarship Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Center, I feel extremely blessed in my experience at Florida State University. At both places, I have found friends that I am able to work with, cook with, clean with, and also have fun with. People who encourage my dreams and inspire me to work hard. I find it impossible to imagine where I would be or who I would be if it weren’t for these organizations, as they have both given me so much knowledge and so much room to grow.
This got a little more sappy as I kept writing, but I watched a rom-com on Netflix this morning so that’s where my emotions are at today. I am truly grateful for all the blessings I’ve received since starting college and everything before that, and I hope that my gratitude is apparent in everything I do. That’s my story I wanted to share today! 🙂