Name: Rose Jacques
House: MET Pilot

Hi, my name is Rose from the MET Pilot House. I have been with SSF for three years on and off — I didn’t return for the 2020 – 2021 school year because of Covid. I was a Social Chair my freshman year and took up the role once again this year, I love being a social chair, mainly because I get to interact with my housemates better, but it also gives me an opportunity to strike up conversations that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. I enjoy the freedom of planning that this position gives me and the numerous opportunities it has given me to create connections easily with my house and other members within SSF.

I am originally from St. Marc Haiti and immigrated to Florida about 13 years ago. Throughout my childhood, I never really had a passion for anything so when my parents suggested I become a doctor I accepted. However, I quickly found out that wasn’t the path for me during high school and instead found my real passion for languages. With my experiences of learning English, I realized that maybe I could pursue a career in foreign languages and so I acted upon that urge and majored in international studies and Japanese studies when I entered UF. From that moment on, I have discovered a hidden passion that I never knew I had, and it has led me to realize that there are various career paths I can follow with my knowledge of languages. For my long-term goals, I want to work as a diplomat or Foreign Service Officer within East Asia doing translation work. Even if my career takes me somewhere besides East Asia, the thought of experiencing a different culture excites me to no end!

Aside from studying for classes and studying Japanese, whenever I have free time, I try to dabble in Mandarin and some various other languages for fun. I love relaxing with a good book — my recent favorite has been a book called “Nip the Buds and Shoot the Kids” written during WW2 in Japan — drawing which I am still horrible at, and watching Netflix.