School: University of Florida

Year: 2015-Current

I am Jose Alvarez, a Family Youth and Community Sciences second year at the University of Florida. I currently reside in the Williams-Pilot Scholarship House. Getting into the University of Florida was a blessing itself. Coming from an underrepresented area, and as a minority it was very challenging to achieve my dreams. Not only was school difficult but also coming from a single-parent home, with very low income in the household, was an obstacle.  However, these life challenges have shaped the man I am now becoming. I have learned to be grateful for the smallest things in life.

Growing up in a single-parent home, and as the oldest all the responsibilities we placed upon my shoulders. Living in a small trailer my entire life was stressful, there were times where our electricity and/or water would go out and it would take several days to get fixed because of how old the trailer was. Growing up I couldn’t have the technology all my friends had because of my father’s income. I had to work with what I had. Graduating from high school made my dad proud, getting into the University of Florida made my dad even more proud, but Jose Alvarezreceiving the SSF scholarship? Proud was an understatement. The fact that I would be going to my dream school, and living RENT-FREE was a double blessing.  The Southern Scholarship Foundation has also played a role in my life as I continue to be shaped and molded as the individual I am at this stage in my life, living in such a diverse community has opened my mind. Coming from Hamilton County, one of the top ten poorest counties in Florida I was basically living in a “box”, where I was so used to seeing the same people over and over. SSF has exposed me to so many cultures and diversity.

It is because of the foundation that my 3 years at UF has been successful. Now a sophomore, I can’t thank individuals like yourself enough, for making it possible for me to make my dreams a reality. I am forever grateful for the continued support that I have been given by sponsors who really care about my future. Because of the foundation and sponsors, I can say that I am truly blessed. I no longer have to stress about finding a place to live while in college. I can now focus on my academics and succeed and be the first in my family to graduate college.  With that being said, I hope to start my own non-profit organization for the youth in my community and work my way into the other 9 poorest counties in Florida. I also plan to work in a juvenile detention center, and serve as a role model to the young men and women there.

Please consider making a gift this year to support the residence of Southern Scholarship, and most important, my family. Your investment in Southern Scholarship Foundation has and will continue to impact generations to come. Thank you for your generosity.


With thanks and appreciation,

Jose Alvarez, University of Florida


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