Name: Anais Humes
House: BPW

My name is Anais, and I am from Miami, Florida. I am the oldest of four children and the first person in my family to attend a four-year university. Being a first-generation college student has made the transition to college much more difficult. Still, I find myself adjusting more and more every day. I am currently a sophomore majoring in marketing. I found out about the Southern Scholarship Foundation from a former student I knew from my high school. She recommended that I apply, and so I did. At first, I was very nervous and hesitant about living with other people I did not know. From my experience here at SSF, I am learning that cooperative living is what you make it. I believe that I have found some of my closest friends and have even learned things about myself that I did not know before. Although the ongoing pandemic has caused my experience at SSF to have a nontraditional start, I still find myself having meaningful experiences and creating memories.

I have also used this time to discover some hidden interests and catch up on old ones. Some of my hobbies include painting, sketching, and reading, and writing. These activities are usually what I partake in after catering to my schoolwork and want to whine down after a long day. I enjoy participating in these activities, and often, they bring me the most peace. I am also interested in fashion, design, and creative direction. I enjoy studying artistic visuals, especially those that have to do with fashion, and understand how each component complements the other. I appreciate when style utilizes clothing items and incorporates smaller elements to tell a story visually. After I graduate, I would like to work at a fashion-based or retail company as a designer or creative director. I want to be able to express my creativity and eye for fashion in my chosen workplace. It is important to me that I choose the most suitable career for me and my interests. Many personal experiences have shown me that I should focus on my interests more and find things that serve those interests and desires.