Name: Darius Davis-Wyatt
House: Malthouse

Hello, my name is Darius Davis-Wyatt, and I am a first-generation freshman at Florida State University. I was born and raised in Orlando, one of Florida’s best cities, and lived with a single mother and two sisters. I have a father in my life, but after 17 years, it comes to finding out that the person I thought I looked up to was not my father. I met my actual father back in 2018, and even though I know who my biological father is and who is not, I still respect both and their family. That is why I decided to carry both fathers’ last name to let them know that I genuinely love them. It was pretty hard growing up as a child, from moving from house to house every month to losing everything in a robbery, and it hurts me to see my own mother struggling and worrying about two things: how is she going the bills and what will be the kid’s next meal.

I found out about the Southern Scholarship Foundation back in January when I got accepted into Florida State University. The CARE program sent me an email of some things to do once I got accepted into the school, and applying to SSF was one of those tasks to do. At first, I saw the foundation as free housing. Still, after visiting the website and watching the videos, this program is an opportunity for students who want to continue their education but are having financial issues to have a place to live and build relationships with others who share the same problems and interests. After researching the foundation, I saw it as a blessing from GOD, and I am genuinely thankful to be accepted and apart of SSF.

My favorite hobbies are math, video games, and sports; one of my favorite sports is football. Football has been my passion ever since I was eight years old, and I thought of it as something that I can do for a living, so I will be walking on for the Florida State football team in January. When I first came to Florida State, my plans were to get involved in the community and graduate under my mechanical engineering major. I have two goals that I want to do after I graduate from college, a plan A and B. My plan A is to continue with football and go to the league, and my plan B is to go into graduate school for my master’s degree and continue for my career job in Seattle, Washington. I want to thank Ms. Nazario and the Foundation for choosing me to be a part of the community. I also like to thank my House Manager and Malthouse’s housemates for accepting me into the family. #StrongerTogether