Name: Melissa Alcime
House: Lundquist

Hi, my name is Melissa Alcime! I have been a part of SSF for five years and currently am a second-year House Manager of the Lundquist Scholarship House. I love my role as House Manager and plan to continue in the position for this upcoming year. I am excited to continue in SSF since it has been one of the best parts of college and my home for so long. I am 22 years old and the middle child of my family. I am from Immokalee Florida, which is located about six hours south of Tallahassee, and take great pride in the fact that I am Haitian.

I am currently studying to get my master’s degree in social work and business administration. Academics are extremely important to me and a priority in my life. Though much of my time is taken up in classes and studying to get my degree, when I am not doing school I am working at the Department of Health as an enrollment specialist for COVID efforts. This major has led me to many great opportunities, including an internship at Westminster Oaks in administrative casework and the opportunity to study social work abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. As for my long-term goals, I am aspiring to be a corporate social worker. I want to work as a corporate consultant for a major firm and would even love a job working in international work.

Some facts about me are that my favorite artist of all time is Nicki Minaj, my favorite color is green, and my favorite animal is a squirrel. To take a break from doing school or working, I love relaxing by watching my favorite TV shows, taking naps, and painting. If I have a day off I love shop, go to the spa, and spend time in nature by going on hiking trails nearby. When I have extra time or it is a special occasion, I also enjoy baking for the girls in the house. Now to know me is to know that I love the k-pop band BTS! I have been a fan for many years and even traveled to New York to see them in concert. Though all of the members are so talented, my favorite member is V (Taehyung)!