Resident: Emily Fish
House: Pilot-FSU

My name is Emily Fish, I’m a sophomore at Florida State, and I’m from Tallahassee, Florida. Since I grew up in Tallahassee, I’ve been surrounded by Florida State my whole life. I grew up coming to football games, events with key speakers, and have performed in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. Being here as a student, however, is a completely different experience. Now when I say, “Go Noles!” it takes on a more personal meaning. It’s not just the school of my parents, it’s my school now. The same applies for SSF. My mom lived at SSF when she attended Florida State. It’s because of her that I found out about the scholarship program. I’ve heard her stories about her housemates becoming some of her closest friends, and this made me excited for what my experience at SSF would be like.

I am currently in my third semester of living at SSF. Happily, I can say that I have met some close friends here, and not just from within my own house. There are people at SSF who are passionate about some of the same things I am, and it’s been great being able to connect with people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. Some of my favorite memories include those I’ve made with the women in my house, the SSF-wide events where everyone is brought together, and even the little things I get to witness where I can see that the people at SSF care so deeply for each other. From someone bringing cough drops to a sick friend, to people letting others borrow calculators for upcoming tests, it’s little things like these that I think make SSF great.
Aside from SSF, I’m involved with a few other organizations on campus. Of the organizations I’m involved in, my most favorite is the FSU Flying High Circus. In high school, I took a K-12 circus class at the FSU circus tent for both my Junior and Senior years. It was then that I discovered a passion I knew I couldn’t let go. When I received my acceptance letter for Florida State, I knew the circus was first on my list of things I wanted to go after. I tried out, made the cast, and began one of the best journeys I’ve ever embarked on. Last year I was on an act called Bike for Five with four other people who became my home team. Through the circus, I’ve gained lifelong friendships, skills that make me a better individual both physically and interpersonally, and the opportunity to be inspired and inspire others.

My first year of college I got very involved very quickly. Along with the circus I joined Alpha Gamma Delta, started going to a campus ministry called CRU, and took on a few leadership positions within my organizations. This kind of busy schedule isn’t for everyone, but for me, it makes me excited to be here. Staying busy and involved keeps me motivated and helps with time management. My advice to any new student coming to SSF or Florida State would be this: get involved. It doesn’t matter what but find something to join that’s bigger than yourself! Whether it be a club you find interesting or something that involves performing, it will make your time at FSU more memorable.