Resident: Chip Anthofer
House: Williams-Pilot

My name is Charles (Chip) Anthofer and I’m a third-year chemical engineering student at the University of Florida. I first got introduced into SSF through my sister Kelsey who was already in SSF at FSU and now currently in law school. Being a middle child, I was able to look up to my sister and take advice from her, and luckily for me, she made sure I applied to be in SSF. Without SSF me and my brother and sister would have a much harder time obtaining a university education. I’m so thankful for my sister and her introducing me to SSF. Because of my sister, I thought I already knew what to expect when I applied to be in SSF. I knew that I would be living with a bunch of guys, I knew I would make a bunch of friends, but I didn’t know that these friends would be my second family.

Being in the Southern Scholarship Foundation has shaped me into the person I am today by allowing me to become friends with some of the best people I have met in my life. The house I currently live in, Williams-Pilot, is full of encouraging individuals who want you to succeed and have a great college experience just like them. I’ve become president of my house and have had the opportunity to hold a leadership role in this organization. Being an introverted person, I never would have met this many people and kept in contact with them for such a long time as I have in SSF.
Obviously, the difference that SSF has made on my life is amazing financially but the extra bonus of how it changed me and how I would like to think I changed others for the better makes it so much more worthwhile. Just like how my sister told me about how great SSF is I’ve already told my younger brother about the great experiences I’ve had so far with this amazing community. I couldn’t be any more thankful for what the Southern Scholarship Foundation has given to me.