Resident: Kenineson Cene House: Frueauff My name is Kenineson Cene, I am a first-generation college student attending Florida State University. ​In 2011, I excitedly began a new life in the United States, leaving my homeland of Haiti behind. I was 10 years old and ready to live the American Dream. However, once we settled, I […]

Resident: Sophia Belloli House: MET Pilot Hello! My name is Sophia Belloli and I am the Media Coordinator at MET Pilot Scholarship House in Gainesville, Florida, as well as one of the Ambassadors for Central Florida SSF (2019-2020). I am a proud first-generation student, now in my second year at the University of Florida and […]

Resident: Mykalah Moore House: Lastinger Hello! My name is Mykalah Moore and I am a third year resident at the Lastinger Scholarship House, and will be graduating from Florida State University in fall 2020 as a biology major. I found out about SSF through my father, who was actually a resident of Lastinger House when […]

Resident: Amir Wilson House: Malthouse My name is Amir Wilson and I live in the Malthouse Scholarship House. My major is Management Information Systems and I am a sophomore at Florida State University. I am 20 years old and I was born in Jacksonville, Florida in the Orange Park Area. I went to William M. […]

Resident: Karalyn King House: Hansen-FAMU Greetings and humble salutations! I am Karalyn King, a first year biology pre-med scholar at the illustrious Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. I was born and raised in the city of Lake Alfred, Florida. I graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA and a 3.3 college GPA along with my […]

Resident: Neika Alexandre House: Rotary (FSU) I have two stories, one in Haiti and another in America. I was born in Haiti, and I lived there for eight years. For eight years, all I knew was to be Haitian in my community. Both of my parents were born in Haiti, and they had two children, […]

Resident: Megan Hatch House: Grace Fox When I came to SSF, it was Spring 2019, so I was transitioning from living on campus in a dorm to moving into an actual house in my first year of college. I’ll have to admit, it was very stressful for me at first! Freshman year is already doozy, […]

Resident: Andrea Moran-Melendez House: Pilot (FSU) My name is Andrea Cristina Moran-Melendez and my pronouns are she, her and hers. I am a first year CARE 19’ Summer Bridge student majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and Public Health on a Pre-Med Track. My involvements on campus include the Service Leadership Seminar, the Freshman Leadership Institute, and […]

Resident: Valentina Eslava House: Mack Tyner Hey there! My name is Valentina Eslava from Orlando, FL and I am currently a third year Health Science student with a minor in “Disabilities in the Society” at the University of Florida. A fun fact about me is that I have an identical twin sister that also goes […]

Resident: Katelyn Legaspi House: ADK I am Katelyn Legaspi from Sarasota, Florida and I am a first year student at Florida State University. I found out about SSF through a friend of mine who graduated high school a year before me. She is also in SSF and goes to Florida State. I asked her for […]