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Annabelle Zogaib – MET Pilot

Resident: Annabelle Zogaib House: MET Pilot It has been exactly a year since my father passed away suddenly and this immense loss has shaken my world. It has become no longer possible to ask my dad for simple things such as every day advice or have his guidance when making significant decisions. As it approached […]

Veronica Eslava – Hawksley I

Resident: Veronica Eslava House: Hawksley I My name is Veronica Eslava and I’m currently a Sophomore at UF. I’m majoring in Health Science and would like to become a physician assistant. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Orlando and I have two sisters, one of them […]

Emily Fish – Pilot-FSU

Resident: Emily Fish House: Pilot-FSU My name is Emily Fish, I’m a sophomore at Florida State, and I’m from Tallahassee, Florida. Since I grew up in Tallahassee, I’ve been surrounded by Florida State my whole life. I grew up coming to football games, events with key speakers, and have performed in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. […]

Laityn Russell – Hansen-UF

Resident: Laityn Russell House: Hansen-UF My name is Laityn Russell and I am a third-year Telecommunication Production major with a minor in Sociology. I am from New Smyrna Beach which is a small beach town on the east coast of Florida. It can be best explained as fifteen minutes south of Daytona Beach, FL. The […]

Sofia Hernandez – Badcock

Resident: Sofia Hernandez House: Badcock My name is Sofia Hernandez, I’m an Animal and Marine Science double major with a minor in Music Performance. I come from a family of immigrants who came to America searching for a better life for their kids. My parents have always had big dreams for me and my brother […]

Chip Anthofer – Williams-Pilot

Resident: Chip Anthofer House: Williams-Pilot My name is Charles (Chip) Anthofer and I’m a third-year chemical engineering student at the University of Florida. I first got introduced into SSF through my sister Kelsey who was already in SSF at FSU and now currently in law school. Being a middle child, I was able to look […]

Braylen Dixon – Gresham-Kite Pilot

Resident: Braylen Dixon House: Gresham-Kite Pilot It is absolutely insane to think that I am beginning my third year of college this fall. It’s even crazier to say that I’ve had the opportunity to live in GKP for just as long. I never really recognized the significance of the phrase “time flies” until I began […]

Kemy Eliassaint – Knight

Resident: Kemy Eliassaint House: Knight As I was applying for colleges my senior year in high school, I wasn’t even thinking about where I would be living since I was looking for the most affordable place to stay at. I remember I was in my Student Government Association class and I received an email from […]

Kiran Lalani – Rogers-Rotary

Name: Kiran Lalani House: Rodgers-Rotary It is difficult to believe that I am starting my third year at University of Florida. I am Junior graduating in May 2020 and my time here at SSF has impacted my life forever. Looking back at last year at SSF, I can never forget that friends that became my […]

Anisa Laska – MET Pilot

Resident: Anisa Laska House: MET Pilot I was born and raised in a lovely, rural town in Albania, a developing country just west of the Mediterranean Coast. I grew up in the outskirts, where everyone barely had any exposure to healthcare, thus making it eligible to receive medical aid from the United States through the […]