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Fabiana Ferrante – BPW

Resident: Fabiana Ferrante House: BPW Hi! My name is Fabiana Ferrante, I’m 22 years old and I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I completed my freshman year of college back in Venezuela where I studied Social Communication at the Monteávila University. However, things in my home country started to get worse and worse. […]

Christopher James Fernandez – Hartman-Kiwanis

Resident: Christopher James Fernandez House: Hartman-Kiwanis Throughout my whole life, I was always encouraged to do everything to the best of my ability. My parents immigrated to the United States when I was the wee age of one years old. They left behind everything they had in the Philippines – a stable job, financial security, […]

Jose Petit-Frere – E.C. Allen

Resident: Jose Petit-Frere House: E.C. Allen I am Jose Petit-Frere a real-estate and marketing at the prestigious Florida State University. Growing up, my family has always been struggling financially, emotionally and physically. From early childhood, I learned the true value of every penny and hard labor. At a young age, my mom, my siblings and […]

Isabella Silva Santos – Polk

Name: Isabella Silva Santos House: Polk I was born in Goiania, Goias in Brazil, but lived most of my life in Sao Paulo. When I was 12 years old, my parents decided to move to the United States to pursue a better life for our family. I arrived here without knowing any English, but with […]

Matthew Hamilton – Williams-Pilot

Resident: Matthre Hamilton House: Williams-Pilot I moved into my house this semester without knowing how I was going to cohabit with 16 other college boys in one house, but now I know, with the right organization and people that getting along with people from different backgrounds in the same house can be easy and beneficial. […]

Amanda (Mandy) Garcia – Badcock

Resident: Amanda (Mandy) Garcia House: Badcock Hi there! My name is Amanda Garcia, but my friends call me Mandy. I am a new resident of SSF, living in the Badcock Scholarship House. I am a first-year student at UF, on the pre-nursing track. I was born and raised in Naples, Florida, about four hours south […]

Tameila Mompoint – McKaig-Malthouse

Resident: Tameila Mompoint House: McKaig-Malthouse I was born in Virginia but raised in South Florida. I come from a Jamaican, Haitian, and Polish background. Having such a diverse background has made me very open-minded and willing to experience new things. I am currently a senior at FSU majoring in Political Science, minoring in Communications, and […]

Elisha Corlew – Smith-Tyner

Resident: Elisha Corlew House: Smith-Tyner Hi! I’m Elisha Corlew and I live in the Smith-Tyner house at the top of the hill. I am a senior and have been at the Southern Scholarship Foundation since my first semester! I was born in Winter Haven, FL (located right between Orlando and Tampa) and have grown up […]

Lakayla Moody – ADK

Resident: Lakayla Moody House: ADK My name is Lakayla Moody and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I’ve been through a lot of tough times back home that I’ll never forget. From family separations, deaths, depression, injuries, all the way to homelessness. You can say that I have had a lot of change […]

Annabelle Zogaib – MET Pilot

Resident: Annabelle Zogaib House: MET Pilot It has been exactly a year since my father passed away suddenly and this immense loss has shaken my world. It has become no longer possible to ask my dad for simple things such as every day advice or have his guidance when making significant decisions. As it approached […]