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“I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.” – Bethany Anderson

I have never really felt like I belonged somewhere until SSF granted me the amazing opportunity to live in the Polk Scholarship House. Since I was a year old, I have moved place-to-place for many different reasons. My journey started when I was born in Tucson, Arizona. Not long after, my family relocated to Goldsboro, […]

“I come from a single parent household and I have 3 brothers who also felt passionately about attending college like me.”- Nadia Mousa

Name: Nadia Mousa Year: Fall 2014- Current It’s so hard to believe that my 4 years at Florida State University are coming to a close. I am a senior Advertising Major graduating in May and my college experience has changed my life forever. As I reminiscence on the last four years and begin my job […]

“When I see people giving so much, it makes me want to do the same.” – Avery McClendon

School: Florida A&M University Year: Spring 2014 – Spring 2016 As I reminisce through my life experience, I remember my freshman year at Edwards Water College (EWC) and how I was told that I was not able to register for classes for the spring semester. This issue was due to me being at a private […]

“I will never live in another house with seventeen women who inspire one another to be greater and reach higher.” – Geranise Dorce

  Name: Geranise Dorce Majors: Psychology & African American Studies School: Florida State University Year: Spring 2016 – Current Education has always been an important aspect of my life. I think education is an investment, and that any investment towards self-empowerment and growth is a great one. However, an even greater investment is an investment in […]

“I can now focus on my academics & be the first in my family to graduate college.” – Jose Alvarez

School: University of Florida Year: 2015-Current I am Jose Alvarez, a Family Youth and Community Sciences second year at the University of Florida. I currently reside in the Williams-Pilot Scholarship House. Getting into the University of Florida was a blessing itself. Coming from an underrepresented area, and as a minority it was very challenging to […]

“Moving back to my home away from home.” – Emily Peoples

Blog Spotlight from the personal blog of Mack Tyner, Jr. House resident, Emily Peoples. Read her blog post here:

“I knew that when I got to college I wanted to live in the Southern Scholarship Foundation.” – Sarah Stump

Ever since the beginning of my high school career I knew that when I got to college I wanted to live in the Southern Scholarship Foundation. I had two older sisters that were either living in SSF or starting there shortly. My parents and I put down deposits with on campus housing just as a […]

“Attending college was never a question, only a matter of how it would be funded.” – Brooke Williams

Name: Brooke Williams School: University of Florida Year: Fall 2014 – Current   As I reminisce over the life experiences that I have faced (single parent home, very limited funds) and overcame to become the person I am today, it brings back many memories that I initially viewed as obstacles. I now realize those obstacles […]

“You are never alone once you are accepted into the Southern Scholarship Foundation.” – Isrrael Peña

Name: Isrrael Peña (SSF Alumnus) School: University of Florida House: Williams Year: Fall 2011 – Spring 2016 When I was younger my parents always stressed the importance of my education. During my upbringing, they persevered for their children and worked nine-to-five jobs to provide a decent life in this country. They came to the United States in […]

“Living the life I lived growing up, we never really had a home, but I’m so thankful to say I have a home, and that my home is Tyner.” – Tiffany Walton

Name: Tiffany Walton (SSF Alumna) School: University of Florida Year: Fall 2014 – Spring 2016 My name is Tiffany Jean Walton, and I am 19 years old, and I am from Jasper, FL. I live in the Mack Tyner Scholarship House in Gainesville, FL. Currently I am attending Santa Fe College as a linguistics major, and […]