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“…this example, though unique, demonstrates the everyday qualities of SSF and its residents: outstanding, compassionate, and deeply loyal.”- Phillip Mendez

School: Florida State University Year: Fall 2014- Current Phil has held the position of Student Board Representative during the 2015-2016 school year and is the Development Associate for the SSF Team until his graduation in May 2017. Mom got custody of me after my parents’ divorce in 2001. She lived with a man who stole […]

“I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.” – Bethany Anderson

I have never really felt like I belonged somewhere until SSF granted me the amazing opportunity to live in the Polk Scholarship House. Since I was a year old, I have moved place-to-place for many different reasons. My journey started when I was born in Tucson, Arizona. Not long after, my family relocated to Goldsboro, […]

“…I come from a single parent household and I have 3 brothers who also felt passionately about attending college like me.”- Nadia Mousa

Name: Nadia Mousa Year: Fall 2014- Current It’s so hard to believe that my 4 years at Florida State University are coming to a close. I am a senior Advertising Major graduating in May and my college experience has changed my life forever. As I reminiscence on the last four years and begin my job […]

“When I see people giving so much, it makes me want to do the same.” – Avery McClendon

School: Florida A&M University Year: Spring 2014 – Spring 2016 As I reminisce through my life experience, I remember my freshman year at Edwards Water College (EWC) and how I was told that I was not able to register for classes for the spring semester. This issue was due to me being at a private […]

“I will never live in another house with seventeen women who inspire one another to be greater and reach higher.” – Geranise Dorce

  Name: Geranise Dorce Majors: Psychology & African American Studies School: Florida State University Year: Spring 2016 – Current Education has always been an important aspect of my life. I think education is an investment, and that any investment towards self-empowerment and growth is a great one. However, an even greater investment is an investment in […]

“I can now focus on my academics & be the first in my family to graduate college.” – Jose Alvarez

School: University of Florida Year: 2015-Current I am Jose Alvarez, a Family Youth and Community Sciences second year at the University of Florida. I currently reside in the Williams-Pilot Scholarship House. Getting into the University of Florida was a blessing itself. Coming from an underrepresented area, and as a minority it was very challenging to […]

“Moving back to my home away from home.” – Emily Peoples

Blog Spotlight from the personal blog of Mack Tyner, Jr. House resident, Emily Peoples. Read her blog post here:

“I knew that when I got to college I wanted to live in the Southern Scholarship Foundation.” – Sarah Stump

Ever since the beginning of my high school career I knew that when I got to college I wanted to live in the Southern Scholarship Foundation. I had two older sisters that were either living in SSF or starting there shortly. My parents and I put down deposits with on campus housing just as a […]

“Attending college was never a question, only a matter of how it would be funded.” – Brooke Williams

Name: Brooke Williams School: University of Florida Year: Fall 2014 – Current   As I reminisce over the life experiences that I have faced (single parent home, very limited funds) and overcame to become the person I am today, it brings back many memories that I initially viewed as obstacles. I now realize those obstacles […]

“You are never alone once you are accepted into the Southern Scholarship Foundation.” – Isrrael Peña

Name: Isrrael Peña (SSF Alumnus) School: University of Florida House: Williams Year: Fall 2011 – Spring 2016 When I was younger my parents always stressed the importance of my education. During my upbringing, they persevered for their children and worked nine-to-five jobs to provide a decent life in this country. They came to the United States in […]