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“There is always someone that she can lean on, regardless of the circumstance.” – Meilyn Guas-Perez

Name: Meilyn Guas-Perez House: MET Pilot Meilyn Guas-Perez has been a resident of the Met Pilot Scholarship House for three years. She is a student at Santa Fe College and majors in astronomy. She will be attending Arizona State University in the Fall of 2021 for Aerospace Engineering in Astronautics. Her favorite things to do […]

“SSF has inspired me to go above and beyond in all aspects of my life, while treating everyone I meet with the utmost respect.” – Sabrina Quijada

Name: Sabrina Quijada House: Pilot-FSU My name is Sabrina Quijada, I’m from Miami, Florida, and my dream job is to become a dentist. After graduating this upcoming Fall semester, I plan to move back to Miami in pursuit of a dental career. I have always been passionate about helping others and making them feel comfortable, […]

“Smith-Tyner is a very close-knit house so we spend lots of time together, which makes everyday a fun new adventure.” – Juan Ascanio

Name: Juan Ascanio House: Smith-Tyner Hello! My name is Juan Ascanio and I am currently the Media Coordinator for the Smith-Tyner Scholarship House. I am a sophomore information technology student at Florida State University. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela to two Cuban parents but moved to the U.S. very young. I lived in Miami […]

“I am excited to continue in SSF since it has been one of the best parts of college and my home for so long.” – Melissa Alcime

Name: Melissa Alcime House: Lundquist Hi, my name is Melissa Alcime! I have been a part of SSF for five years and currently am a second-year House Manager of the Lundquist Scholarship House. I love my role as House Manager and plan to continue in the position for this upcoming year. I am excited to […]

“Spending time with my friends is also something I enjoy and is really important to me because it allows me to unwind from the pressures of school and life.” – Kristine Smith

Name: Kristine Smith House: Rotary I’m Kristine Smith and I was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. That’s about an hour south of Tampa. I am Colombian-American and am very proud of my heritage and family. I have two sisters, one older and one younger that I talk to almost every day. We constantly fought […]

“My SSF experience in both houses have been everything I could have asked for.” – Caleb Hayes

Name: Caleb Hayes House: Malthouse My name is Caleb Hayes. I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida where I graduated from Lincoln high school in 2017. I first attended Tallahassee Community College to save some money on tuition, which I highly recommend to any incoming freshman. After two years of TCC and earning my A.A. degree, […]

“I want them to know that anything is possible as long as you stick with your plan.” – Venet Desir

Name: Venet Desir House: Frueauff My name is Venet Desir Jr., and I’m from Tampa, Florida. I’m a second-year engineering student at Florida A&M University. I actually received a scholarship from an FSU alumni, the summer before my freshman year. After chatting with her, I found out that she lived in SSF. She then began […]

“Although this year has had some difficulties, there are many things that I enjoy that make my college experience so much better!” – Megan Hatch

Name: Megan Hatch House: Grace Fox My name is Megan Hatch, and I’m a third-year undergraduate student at Florida State University. I represent the Grace Fox House as Media Coordinator. I entered college as a studio art major, because I have always loved making art, but I didn’t know how I would pursue that as […]

“Moving into SSF, I’ve connected with a large group of people that share common interests and values.” – Sheryl Gontran

Name: Sheryl Gontran House: Hansen-FAMU Greetings and humble salutations! I am Sheryl Massialah Gontran, a second-year student here at the illustrious Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, majoring in pre-nursing. I am from the beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. The reason I chose to attend a historically black university over any other university was to experience […]

“A fun fact about me is that I am the youngest child of three boys, but all of my siblings are over a decade older than me.” – Recobe Scott

Name: Recobe Scott House: Knight Ello ‘mate! I am Recobe Scott, a third-year theater performing arts student from Atlanta, Georgia. I became acquainted with SSF through my older brother as he was a former resident living in Knight House in 2007. Some of my favorite hobbies are producing music, playing the violin, working out, taking […]