Resident: William Nguyen House: Hawksley II I was born in Orlando, FL grown up in a family of Vietnamese immigrants. Attending the University of Florida was not possible without the Machen Florida opportunity scholars and Southern Scholarship Foundation. Thinking back to when I applied to the SSF; I definitely believe I found what I wanted […]

Resident: Michael Baker House: Stone To begin with, my name is Michael Baker and I am a SSF freshman, and so that means that I am a newbie here at SSF, and as a new student I will have new experiences with both SSF life and College life. SSF has greatly helped me with my […]

Resident: Claire Toman House: Lundquist My name is Claire Toman. I am currently 21 years old and am finishing my AA degree at TCC this fall. I will be transferring to FSU in the Spring to study social science. As many typical college students, I love movies, Broadway musicals and television shows. I also like […]

Resident: Sissi Lopez Diaz Jensen House: Gresham-Kite Pilot As a Cuban-American, the connection to the political and emotional trauma sustained due to generational exile is as painful, but albeit very different experience to that of the past. The lens through which I view the relationship between the United States and Cuba, I recognize is unique […]

Resident: Jayla Cash House: Hansen-FAMU I am currently a fourth year architecture major attending Florida A&M University. I have been with Southern Scholarship Foundation since I began my journey in college and I have been truly grateful for my experience here. When I first joined SSF I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never lived […]

Resident: Jah’Nai Williams House: Florida Retail Federation Being a first-generation college student, I was excited for this new chapter in my life and all of the wonderful opportunities it would bring me. However, I was completely unaware of the challenges I would face in the process. During my senior year of high school, my guidance […]

Resident: Savannah Plunkett House: Tyner Hello! My name is Savannah Plunkett, and I am from Lakeland, Florida. I am a sophomore at the University of Florida and I live with twenty-four amazing girls in the Mack Tyner Scholarship House. I found this amazing place through my principal at Harrison High School, who had the privilege […]

Resident: Roland Valenzuela House: Frueauff My name is Roland Valenzuela and I am from Hialeah which is located in south Florida. I was born in Cuba in the small village of Mayari on top of a hill in northern Cuba. I grew up in a less then ideal finical situation, however, I believed to have […]

Resident: Michelle Le House: Lastinger I am a fourth-year pre-health student majoring in Family and Child Sciences with plans of attending Physician Assistant School in the near future. With my parents immigrating to the U.S. from Vietnam before I was born, I am a first generation American and student. I am a part of 4 […]

Resident: Alicia Bush House: Hansen-FAMU On May 19, 2015, I officially completed high school. I walked across the stage, wearing a sentimental green dress beneath my robe, feeling relieved and ready for the next step in my academic career. Although I had not received a scholarship, hopefulness rested on my shoulders, and I believed that […]