Katelyn O’Brien (née Ward) from Vero Beach, FL joined SSF while attending the University of Florida to pursue a degree in biological engineering. As a resident, Katelyn lived in the Badcock (2010-2011) and Hawksley I (2011-2013) scholarship houses. Her fondest memory was sneaking into the school of education at night to study and watch movies […]

Hailing from Lakeland, FL, Paul Rybinski lived in the Lastinger Scholarship House from 1990-92 while attending Florida State University. One of his most memorable experiences involved pink flamingos and a legendary feud: “One of our housemates had ‘procured’ a few plastic pink flamingos from the yards of his neighbors back home and transplanted them in […]

Dr. Turkesia Robertson-Jones lived in the Hansen Scholarship House while attending Florida A&M University from 1997-2005. She cherishes fond memories of gatherings between the FAMU and FSU scholarship houses where she met people that she is still friends with today. Dr. Robertson-Jones received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from FAMU and has etched a career […]

Shelly-Anne Tulia Scott lived in Barbados before joining SSF in the Hansen Scholarship House in 2005 to pursue her master’s degree at Florida A&M University. Living in SSF provided her affordable housing during her graduate studies and allowed her to develop great friendships through activities such as cooking, cleaning, and hanging out. After receiving her […]

Hailing from Sarasota, FL, Robert Beyer traveled to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University where he majored in finance, minored in accounting, and received his degree in business administration. As a student, Robert lived in the Rotary Scholarship House at 641 W Pensacola Street where he gained memories of camaraderie, sharing, and learning how to […]

Prior to attending Florida State University, Kathleen Smith lived in New Smyrna Beach, FL. While pursuing a degree in sports management at FSU, she lived in the Polk Scholarship House from 2012-2015 where she enjoyed her time as an Ambassador. Kathleen’s goal was to work in college athletics, and since graduating from FSU, she has […]

Tim McWilliams from Eustis, FL lived in the E.C. Allen Scholarship House while studying criminology at Florida State University. Tim enjoyed the family atmosphere while in SSF, as well as the opportunity to attend college without the hassle of housing costs. Tim proudly served in the Air Force, spending 20 years on active duty (6 […]

SSF alumnus Ron Heginbotham headed north from Key West, FL to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University. As a resident, he lived in the Selby III Scholarship House while pursuing a degree in accounting, and an MBA. Post-graduation, Ron traveled the globe as he worked and lived in Arkansas, the United Kingdom, Houston, Boston, and […]

The impact that SSF had on Pamela Davis, and the passion that she has for the Foundation is always on full display. The Pilot (1973-75) and Polk (1978-80) Scholarship House alumna and current SSF board member lived in Jacksonville, FL before heading to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University. Pam’s favorite times in SSF were […]

Brittany ‘Brit’ Heiring is an SSF alumna from the Polk Scholarship House. Hailing from Avon Park, FL, Brit joined the SSF family from 2004-2008 while pursuing a degree in human development at Florida State University. The comradery shared during house dinners is a memory that will always stick with her, “When all 29 women would […]