Name: Megan Hatch
House: Grace Fox

My name is Megan Hatch, and I’m a third-year undergraduate student at Florida State University. I represent the Grace Fox House as Media Coordinator. I entered college as a studio art major, because I have always loved making art, but I didn’t know how I would pursue that as a career. I wasn’t sure I necessarily wanted to do freelancing, so the past two years I did some exploration, and I realized I wanted to obtain a master’s as well. But I didn’t know what I wanted it to be in! Last fall, I finally looked into the Art Education program, and it suddenly all came together. I discovered I wanted a career that would give me the opportunity to guide others and help them grow by using my strengths and talents. What better way to tie that together than becoming an Art Educator? It just so happened I need to conduct an informative interview for a class project, so I decided to interview Dr. Sara Scott Shields, the Director of the Art Education program. After having a very fruitful conversation with her, I realized the decision was obvious for me, and I wanted to apply to the program! That was a moment in my life where I knew it was clear. An added bonus for me is that this particular program is a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program, so I get to graduate with both degrees in a total of five years, which is really efficient and I appreciate that. I love making art, especially illustrations. I participate in table-top role playing games and design and draw the characters my friends and I play. I also do some commission work on the side, making drawings of friends and pets. Other than art, I enjoy doing puzzles and playing board games, going on walks in the park, hanging out with friends, watching TV shows, and playing my flute. My sophomore year I was in the Marching Chiefs. Though this year I didn’t participate, I plan to try out again this fall! In the meantime, I have been signing up to do Campus Band, meeting once a week. Campus Band has had a lot of restrictions placed on it this year because of COVID, but there are extensive measures as to making sure everyone is completely safe. I enjoy playing music, and I enjoy making art. Although this year has had some difficulties, there are many things that I enjoy that make my college experience so much better!