Name: Linda Alcime
House: Rotary

I am a Haitian American from the small town of Immokalee, Florida. Growing up in a Haitian household, my mother always instilled the importance of education within my siblings and I. With this emphasis on education and knowledge, my interest in success in the business field developed. I am currently an undergraduate student at Florida State University where I am majoring in business management. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After graduation I plan to be employed in my field of study as I build my experience in business administration. I also plan to attend graduate school immediately after graduating; so I’ll be working in the field and earning my master’s. After earning my Master of Business Administration, I hope to move up the ladder while I flourish in my career. Ultimately my goal is to become a top executive officer at a well-established company. I would like to either be a chief executive officer or a chief operating officer.

Although I am planning and working towards lots of success in my future, I also want to enjoy my time as an undergraduate student. Like many of my peers, my current hobbies entail binge watching my current favorite shows on Netflix and other streaming services. I also enjoy playing soccer and reading books about the systemic racism and racial injustice that occurs within the United States. I have not been able to play soccer because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so I’ve recently began doing yoga. I played soccer as a stress reliever so doing yoga has become a good substitute for me.

I found out about the Southern Scholarship Foundation through a family member who was granted the scholarship. I was nervous about the community style living as I had a bad experience living on campus the previous semester; however, I was pleasantly surprised once I moved in. I’m living in the Rotary house and I’ve enjoyed hanging with my housemates in the little free time that I have. All in all, I’m grateful for this opportunity as I have made a couple friends along the way.