Applying to SSF

Does SSF only accept undergraduate students?
No, SSF considers graduate and post graduate students as well as undergraduate. In fact, some of the houses are dedicated to graduate students.


Is SSF considered a faith-based organization?
No. Our organization celebrates all walks of life and diversity within our program. 


Does my parent/guardian need to complete their taxes in order to submit the FASFA?
No, your parent/guardian can complete the FAFSA by selecting ‘Will File’ for the tax section, which will satisfy the FAFSA requirement (SAR Report) and avoid any delays in submitting your application. Once your parent/guardian has filed their taxes, they can go into the FAFSA application and update the information.


At what point in the application process will I be considered to receive the scholarship?
No applicant is considered until their application is complete (including letters of recommendation) and every item is submitted. An invite to interview is not guaranteed for all applicants who submit a completed application but an interview is required before an applicant can be accepted into the program.


If I would like to be considered for multiple campuses, what should I do?
Applicants who are interested in being considered for more than one campus will need to submit multiple applications, i.e. applying for Flagler-Tallahassee/FSU/FAMU/TCC campus and UF/SFC will be two separate applications (requiring two separate e-mail addresses). 


I have been placed on the waiting list. How likely am I to get a spot and when will I find out?
Throughout the semesters, vacancies tend to arise at SSF. If and when this occurs, the DSA will carefully consider all wait listed students for any vacancies. SSF cannot speculate or guarantee that a spot will open as this happens sporadically and without notice. It is advisable for all wait listed students to continually check their email for updates. All applicants are encouraged to secure on-campus housing. SSF has a partnership with most housing departments. If selected for a scholarship, most housing departments will release you of your dorm contract with proof of acceptance into SSF. However, SSF cannot release you from an apartment lease or sublease.


Do I have to re-apply each year?
All residents are instructed to complete a Scholarship Renewal Application at the end of each spring semester. As long as the resident is not on Academic or Conduct Probation, completes the application on-time & correctly, and has maintained the basic scholarship requirements (3.0 cumulative GPA, EFC below 7500, and cooperative living within their house), the residents scholarship is renewable for the following year.


For FAMU Residents - Does living on the SSF FAMU campus qualify as on-campus housing?
Yes, it does, and satisfies the first year requirement for students.


Can I live at SSF over the summer?

Yes, but spaces are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis for students working or taking at least 6 college credits. 

For all other questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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