Emeritus Board Members

Established by Southern Scholarship Foundation in order to honor past and retiring board members who have served the Foundation with distinction and in an exemplary manner on the Board of Directors.




Shelley Boone*

William B. "Jargo" Clark

Leon Gilchrist*

William Goza*

Mark Hillis

Lee Hinkle

Terry E. Lewis (alumnus)

Myra Loftin*

Fred A. Martin*

John Olson

Lewis Rogers*

Frank Shaw, Jr.*

Dr. E. Ray Solomon

Dr. J. Stanley Marshall*



Council of Past Chairs

Council Chair Brian Horton 2016-2017

Dave Mica 2015-2016

Elaine Mann Carpenter* 2014-2015

Ryan Tucker 2013-2014

Lady Dhyana Ziegler, Ph.D. 2012-2013

James (Jay) W. Newman, Jr. 2011-2012

F. James Wylie, Jr. 2010-2011

Charlotte Edenfield (alumna) 2009-2010

Randy Guemple 2009

Fred A. Martin* 2008-2009

April Salter (alumna) 2007-2008

Dr. E. Ray Solomon 2006-2007

Dominic Calabro 2005-2006

Mary Lois Mayfield 2004-2005

Kathryn Bell (alumna) 2003-2004

Charlotte Edenfield (alumna) 2002-2003

Rod Jones (alumnus) 2001-2002

Dr. Fanchon F. Funk 2000-2001

Linda Wells 1999-2000

Lee Hinkle (alumna) 1998-1999

Susie Wadsworth 1996-1998

Fred M. Palmer 1995-1996

MaryAnn Moore 1994-1995

Frank Shaw, Jr. 1993-1994

Fred M. Palmer 1992-1993

William A. Grow 1991-1992

Leon Gilchrist* 1990-1991

Jerry L. McDaniel, Jr. 1989-1990

Lewis H. Rogers* 1988-1989

Dr. E. Ray Solomon 1987-1988

Elsa Whitehurst (alumna) 1986-1987

Marie Bowden* 1985-1986

Joseph W. Landers, Jr. 1984-1985

Marjorie Lundquist 1983-1984

Helen C. Ellis* 1982-1983

Dr. J. Stanley Marshall* 1981-1982

Shelley Boone* 1980-1981

Dr. James W. Carr (alumnus) 1979-1980

J. Colin English, Jr. 1978-1979

Lucy DuCharme* 1977-1978

Robert G. Carter* 1976-1977

William B. "Jargo" Clark 1975-1976

Marshall Hamilton* 1974-1975

William B. Bevis* 1971-1974

Mode L. Stone* 1970-1971

Dr. William Maloy* 1969-1970

Dr. J. Stanley Marshall* 1968-1969

Dr. Mode L. Stone* 1963-1968

J. Velma Keen* 1955-1963  




View our Board of Directors listing here. If you are interested in being a member of our Board of Directors, please contact our Foundation Liaison, Kayleigh Whitman, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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